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Advanced Poker Bot

Scam Warning: If you just wanted to know whether or not "Advanced Poker Bot" is a scam, you don't need to read our full review. It is definitely 100% a scam. You can safely move along now. We are talking about the product being sold at, just so we are clear. As a matter of fact we have pretty much confirmed that the same person selling this product is also selling the bots at,, and All you have to do is go to Yahoo Site explorer and run a search on the domain. Not only do these websites all have links coming from the same places, but they are all interlinking to each other! Also notice that the domains themselves are all a similar structure with the hyphen in the name.

So why would the same person be selling four different bots that all compete with each other? And not disclose that information on any of the sales sites? Because they are good at SEO and have managed to get them all ranked highly in the search engines. The products are all garbage with no support. None of them have an active support forum (although two of them say they do on the websites, but once you join the forums you will find that they are completely dead and nobody is allowed to post). None of the products appears to have been updated within the last six months.

Do you see what they are doing? You will quickly give up on any of these four products because they will do nothing but lose and you won't be able to get any support. This is part of the scheme. Hopefully you will then buy one of the other pieces of junk that they are selling, and repeat the process, in a vain search for a magical winning poker bot that will pay all your bills for you. There are probably some stupid customers (or maybe not stupid but English-challenged) that have purchased all four of these programs without realizing the same person is selling them all! No doubt the seller is laughing all the way to the bank at this prospect.

Hopefully a person in the market for a good bot will stumble across the Shanky Technologies product before buying a second or third piece of software from this scammer who is dominating the search engines. There are only three legitimate types of poker bots out there, and only two of them can play No Limit (Win Holdem/Open Holdem and the Shanky Bot). For a person that does not come from a programming background, who wants a good No Limit Holdem Bot, the Shanky software remains the only viable product on the market.

If you want to grind micro-stakes Fixed Limit tables, then the OPI bots are another option. OPI has a good graphical interface, there are active forums around for OPI bot users, and there are some decent profiles in existence for this purpose. However it will cost you $199 for Online Holdem Inspector, another $100 or so for the bot, and then you need to create or purchase a decent profile after that. (Don't try to play higher than .50/1.00 Fixed Limit even with the best OPI profile.)

At least one of the products being sold by this scammer is an OPI-based bot, the one at It also appears that the one being sold at may be OPI-based; however there are at least two pages on that website that state it is powered by Poker Calculator Pro, an inferior program to OPI, so it is confusing. However neither of these products have been updated in over six months and the support is terrible from this software seller, as you can probably imagine. It figures. They don't want you to become successful, they want you to fail so you will buy another one of their products.

So why is Advanced Poker Bot a scam? It plays horribly and you cannot adjust it even in the slightest to make it play any differently. No user controls, no way to create or edit any playing profile. It will call off your $25 stack in a 20 cent pot to a huge bet from an opponent when it holds middle pair. But wait, it gets worse. It's not just the terrible play that makes it such an atrocious scam. It's the story. They tell you that this bot has a brain like a human, which they call artificial intelligence. When you complain about the bad play they tell you to just let it keep playing because it learns as it plays and gets better. That is a shameful lie whose intention is to keep you from filing a refund dispute. No such technology exists, and that is not the way poker bot software works.

They pull a similar scam with their Smart Poker Bot product. Because that program has no way to edit the playing profile either, they say that it has neural networks that adjust play dynamically while it plays based on learning from it's opponents. These are blatant lies, folks. A poker bot program cannot "learn." It cannot become self-aware and start a nuclear war either. It can only do what it is programmed to do, react it certain ways to certain pre-defined situations. It can use a random number generator to vary it's reactions based on a random element, sure. It can even base a decision on a database that has statistics on opponents. But all of that is scripted in advanced.

Notice the awards that it has won. They must really think we are stupid. All you have to do is list your software - any software - on those software directory websites and you then win the "award" and can place that image on your website. Nobody ever downloaded or even tried the software to see if it works before issuing those "awards." Hopefully you can see the kind of deceptive scammer that you are dealing with here, and will stay away from all their offerings. If not, we warned you.





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