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Cake Poker has been one of the better sites for botting in the last few years. This is for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that Cake has a very long history of being extremely bot-tolerant. You can go nuts here with your poker bot. The cash games have a reputation of being soft at stakes as high as NL50, and there are plenty of tournaments going off all day long, including a large Sunday tournament. The SNG action is decent as well.

The Shanky Technologies bot works at Cake and one of the Cake skins known as Red Star Poker, but no other skins (last time we checked). Red Star Poker is, as you may have guessed, positioned in the Russian market. They market online poker in Russia, which is great for the game and great for the rest of us who get to play against the new Russian fish at the tables, regardless of which Cake skin we choose to play at. This may be one of the reasons for the typical soft games on this network.

USA residents can play at Cake, as they are one of a handful of rooms who have never gotten into trouble with the American feds and thus have never left this market. Be aware, however, that USA residents can only have one rakeback account on the Cake network, so make sure you choose the skin you want to use your bot at when you join up through a rakeback provider! You may as well choose Cake Poker itself, being as that is the main site which the Shanky bot supports.

The rakeback is good at Cake, currently the going deal with the better rakeback providers is 36%. This is an amount which makes it possible to grind for rakeback with a break-even profile. Given the fact that Cake is so bot-friendly, you can get away with botting long hours multi-tabling and that can really start adding up by the end of the month. Some people make their SUV payments this way.

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