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Bots for Full Tilt - Updated Summer of 2012


Full Tilt was a botter's Paradise, before they shut down. They were once the second-largest poker room on the internet now, and offered a juicy signup bonus along with a 27% rakeback deal when you got done clearing that (in fact the rakeback deal was even better than the signup bonus).

The U.S.-player fallout situation filled their tables with loose-action. Poor players such as former PartyPoker nuts arrived in droves. More recently, when Doyle's Room dropped it's USA player base they conveniently transferred all their player accounts over to Full Tilt. The result was a solid base of casual players and a dynamite online poker venue.

Our favorite bot (the only one we have found which actually wins) used to work at Full Tilt extremely well. The Shanky Technologies Hold'em bot is designed to play well at 6-max tables and full ring games at both NL and Limit, plus all manner of tournaments. This was smart programming, because the 6-max tables are the most popular these days by far. Full Tilt had a ton of them at the lower limits going at any given time and a bot which just plays solid poker (like this one) had an easy time grinding out profits.

The 6-Max tables also tend to be less populated by other bots, as it is easier to program a tight-solid profile than the solid-aggressive style necessary for beating short-handed games. Because of this, the overwhelming majority of OPI-profile bots are created for full 9-handed tables. This is actually too bad - because the Shanky bot will beat the pants off those OPI-profile bots! (In our opinion most of the OPI bots are at the Ongame network anyway.)

Some of the features we really like about the default playing profile which comes in the Shanky bot are:


Takes action on previous betting rounds into consideration in decision-making


Makes reasonably aggressive pre-flop raises


Makes wise standard-continuation bets on the flop, stealing many small pots


Check-raises well in certain situations


Seems to make good pot-odds decisions on drawing hands


Randomizes decisions in some bluffing situations


Plays heads-up well


Difficult to detect as it disguises itself as common applications to screen scrapers


Excellent support and fast upgrades when Full Tilt upgraded their software


Is 100% user-configurable with an easy Poker Programming Language (PPL) that anyone can use to make it play however they want.


Has a good MTT and SNG modification ready to load into the bot at a moments notice.


As you can see, those are some good features that we just haven't seen in any other commercially-available pokerbot. Shanky Technologies maintains a terrific active support forum on their site where many cpoker botters hang out and chat. You can download the free trial version from their site and run it for 200 hands before needing to purchase the license. Here is the link:





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