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ICM Poker Bot Review


The first question you are asking is probably, Is ICM-bot a scam? The answer all depends on your definition of scam. They are are real business selling a real software product, yes. And it does function as well as it is supposed to, for all intents and purposes. However we don't feel that it is properly represented on their sales page, which is really nothing more than a blog.

The first warning red flag we noticed was that their forum is not publicly viewable. You are given access to it only after you purchase. The simple reason for this is that they don't want their potential customers to read the negative feedback from their existing customers. And they also apparently don't really want their potential customers to know exactly what it is they are purchasing until it's too late.

From the sales page we did understand that we were buying a bot that could only play sit and go's, I'll give them that much. But they sure didn't make it clear (for obvious reasons) that this bot cannot play poker. It is a very simple piece of software that either goes all-in or folds before the flop based on the strength of your hole cards. Granted, that is an acceptable way to play turbo SNG's. But it's just not a sophisticated enough approach to win in the long run in our opinion.

One really frustrating aspect of this is when you get a free play in the big blind and flop the nuts the bot simply folds because it cannot play post-flop, period. I don't see how you can rightly call that a pokerbot. Here is a list of our gripes with this product:

Way overpriced for what it is

Only plays 1-table SNG's

Cannot play poker at all, has no poker programming, it just shoves or folds preflop

When it gets a free play from the big blind and flops the nuts it folds!

The admin operates a sneaky, misleading sales approach

The customer support forum is quite a disappointment

They continue to promote supporting Poker Stars, but everybody who uses it there gets their account frozen very quickly and you don't find out about this until you purchase and get access to the forum.

By contrast, the Shanky Technologies poker bots are about as far ahead in sophistication as the space shuttle is above the Wright brother's first airplane. They perform the simple function that this software does plus about a zillion times more. They actually play post-flop poker and play it well, handle the blind positions intelligently, allow the user to choose the preflop bet and raise sizes (including a shoving or folding option), and make good decisions in NL games based on the opponent's bet size. They play SNG's of any size, scheduled MTT's, or cash games as well. All at a lower price than this ICM-bot!

If a preflop push or fold 1-table SNG bot is something you simply must have, we highly recommend buying the Shanky bot instead and just create a profile that uses the Fold or All In option. That way you can still play solid poker the times you get a free look from the big blind, and also play cash games and MTT's when you want as well. Save the money you would spend on ICM-bot and put it into your poker account.

For more information we'd visit the Shanky Technologies forum, which is open to the public as they apparently have nothing to hide. (There are a couple private sections but all you have to do is email a request to join and the admin will register you; you do not have to be a customer.)

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