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Truth be told, the sharks are using the Shanky Technologies poker bots on the iPoker network to clean up with under-the-table rakeback deals, easy-to-beat 1-table SNG's, and plenty of large-field MTT's. And why not? The iPoker rooms have a long history of being extremely tolerant of bots, and heck - anybody can do this, as the Shanky bots are easy to use and play professional-level poker pretty much right out of the box. Excellent free profiles can be loaded in a matter of seconds that adjust strategy for MTT's and SNG's. All this is true for both the wildly popular Holdem Bot and their two Omaha Bot products.

At any given time, the iPoker tables are probably made up of 15-20% bots. Seriously. Some players like to try and develop anti-bot strategies, which is interesting to observe. They will 3-bet very loosely preflop, and/or raise standard flop-continuation bets very liberally. It's pretty funny to watch when they run into a bot (or a person mistaken as a bot) holding a real hand; they lose a big chunk of their stack screwing around like that. Some bot owners have even tweaked their bot profiles to play like this! This is very easy to do with the Shanky bot and such a profile can literally be created in a matter of minutes.

The poker botters are winning this war, from what I can see. The bots just don't get rattled. They sit there and play and play and play and do what they are told and sooner or later they get the stacks of the frustrated players who start using questionable strategies against them. Here is a tip: Inside the Shanky forum there is a free profile called Wild Bill, try it in the NL10 6-max cash games at iPoker!

There are some extreme botters who have setup bot farms which play around the clock at iPoker. This is a complicated setup that involves having multiple accounts, and is not recommended for beginners. Still, there is a reason they do this. Grinding out small profits (in a game type which they specialize at) is simply scaled up to become a respectable income source. Don't try this at home unless you know what you are doing first.

One of the factors which contributes to the popularity of poker-botting at iPoker is the existence of private 57% rakeback deals. They are not allowed to be advertised or published on static web pages. You will find them at internet poker forums (including the Shanky support forum). You can be a minor losing player in cash games and still come out significantly ahead with a rakeback deal like this, and that is exactly what a lot of players do. Breaking even can be quite profitable for those in the know.

The iPoker network has positioned themselves to be a major contender in the current online poker world. Their main network is one of the highest traffic networks reported on, plus they have situated themselves with small in-country networks in countries that have regulated online poker such as Italy, France, and Spain. Some of the poker rooms on their network are branded with the better-known names in sports betting and online casinos, including William Hill and Bet365. Poker-botting here is a no-brainer.

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