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Years ago, a poker bot product appeared on the marketplace known as Win Holdem. It is still being sold today. It is an incomplete product and does not include a user-friendly graphical interface. Although, over the years, they seem to have attempted to make it more user-friendly, in an effort to market it to "regular people" as opposed to just programmers. Those efforts have so far come up short, however. Unless you have a strong programming background, meaning you not only are proficient in several common programming languages but understand a bit about how parsers work and the ins and outs of computer code structuring itself, you will probably have nothing that makes any sense to you whatsoever after downloading this product.

At one time Win Holdem had a thriving community of users. What their product really amounts to is the first one-third of the work required to make a workable poker bot software. Programmers do appreciate that, because the basic platform work is done and they can finish building it into a bot, inputting their own creativity along the way. Back in the days when Win Holdem was a happening scene, most of the users only used it to play Fixed Limit Holdem.

Some of the Win Holdem users did not like the way things were going within the local community, however, and in response took it upon themselves to build an open-source platform called Open Holdem, which is essentially the same thing as Win Holdem - only being open-source, it is free. Not surprisingly, pretty much the entire community moved over to Open Holdem, where many of them are still active today (although the Open Holdem forum is much quieter these days).

Anybody can download Open Holdem and then create their own bot from it, if they have the skills. You need to have some programming education and experience. There is an actual Open Holdem language that you can use to program your bot, or you can use Python. Recently, they added a new script called Open PPL, which will supposedly converts Shanky Technologies Holdem Bot profiles into Open Holdem profiles. You still need to know what you are doing in order to use Open Holdem, however.

By stark contrast, any poker player who is somewhat handy on his home PC can use the Shanky Technologies bot and tweak (or create) their own profile. The PPL Guide which they provide is clear and concise and easy to pick up. Open Holdem remains a haven for high-tech geeks, or at least poker players that happen to have computer programming training.

There are some advantages to being able to use Open Holdem. Supporting a new poker site is as easy as creating a table map, and if you can't do it there are a lot of people who can in their community (or possibly even on freelance sites). Open Holdem can also refer to Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager player stats for help in making some decisions. It can use a 2-PC setup for additional stealth, although sites like Poker Stars will still catch you (so we don't really see the point of it and recommend sticking to bot-tolerant sites anyway).

There are also disadvantages. Because Open Holdem is purely an OCR bot, it is much more sensitive to reading screen information from the tables, as opposed to hooking to a process in the poker client which provides the information elsewhere (as the Shanky bots do). This will reduce the number of tables you can play, and poker rooms can kill your bot by doing something as simple as changing 1 pixel on the table layout, requiring that a new table map be made.

Some guy named Max who lives in Montreal apparently started the whole thing. You can get more information here:





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