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The first poker bots which were sold online were based on Online Poker Inspector, or to be more accurate, their main product which is called Online Holdem Inspector. This was a groundbreaking piece of software when it first came on the scene, which read your cards and the table information from the screen when you were playing online poker, and would give you a recommended action based on the situation. This was in the days before No Limit poker became popular, so the main game was Fixed Limit Holdem, which had less information that needed to be gathered for making decisions. This software is still sold today, although their support forum is pretty dead these days.

Online Holdem Inspector flashes a green, yellow, or red light telling you whether to call, fold, or raise. Those are really the only factors involved in Fixed Limited games. The user can configure these signals based on their own criteria, by opening a series of screens that ask poker questions on a myriad of situations and answering them however you see fit. Those answers then determine which signals the software gives for those poker situations when they arise, and those particular instructions can be saved as a profile. Back in the OPI bot heyday there was an active community of members who traded and sold OPI profiles.

If you are wondering why you need a piece of software to give you instructions on how to play, when they are the same instructions you just gave it, well, I think it becomes obvious that it's only real purpose is as a decision engine for bots (with the possible exception of pros being able to teach new players how to play well by providing a profile). Discussions about bots have always been 'officially' taboo at the OPI support forum, but everyone knows what is really going on behind the scenes. It is highly doubtful this software would have survived if it were not for the bots using it. The poker rooms all seem to agree with this conclusion, as nearly all of them have Online Holdem Inspector specifically mentioned on their list of prohibited software.

An OPI bot is a poker bot that uses the output signals from Online Holdem Inspector to push buttons for you at the online poker room. Because of the limited amount of information that OPI can gather from the poker table screen, it's only practical use has always been Fixed Limit games - although the OPI bot sellers certainly sell them as No Limit bots, since that is where all the action is. These bots cannot, unfortunately, be configured to play No Limit well, because of a lack of variables and details in both the information gathering process and the ability to make custom bet sizes. You need to be content with pushing buttons, which at most poker rooms means betting the pot or betting the minimum, nothing in-between. You need to be able to design a good profile without knowing what percentage of the pot the bet amount you are facing is, or what happened on prior betting rounds. Need I go on?

When you purchase an OPi bot, you are not done purchasing things that you need. You will then need to buy Online Holdem Inspector, which sells for over $200 last time we checked! How, what, why that price point is supported is a total mystery to us.

Yet, there are several OPI bot sellers still in business. We suppose that they exist as primarily an entry-level type of poker bot, attracting newbies and people who don't really know what they are doing yet (and/or have not done enough research such as reading this website ;) probably because of the pure number of poker sites that OPI maintains support for, which is impressive. However, that does not mean the bot seller does such a good job of maintaining support for these sites! Once frustrated with their $300 investment they probably move on the Shanky Bot, assuming they then get wise enough to do some research and avoid the scam products. Any seasoned poker-botter will tell you that OPI-botting is dead.

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