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Warning: This product seems to be an abandoned sales page with no active support. Although whoever owns this site appears to be talented at getting it ranked highly in the search engines, they do not appear to be any good at the poker bot business. We took a good hard look at the web site and joined (the almost non-existent) support forum and did not like what we saw. No updates in over six months and no apparent support of any kind. We highly advise you not to flush $120 into this apparent black hole. In reality, this one should probably be listed on the scam page, but there is actually some kind of working product that you can download and purchase.

The software business is all about constant support. Any piece of software that is not constantly updated, and does not have a reliable support system in place, will become obsolete and worthless within a relatively short period of time. This is especially true with poker bots. The online poker rooms are always updating their software, and very often those updates require any software that works with them to be updated as well in order to keep up. We don't like seeing this website that has broken links and a "last posted" date in a totally dead support forum from over six months ago.

The worst thing about this website is that it is intentionally deceptive. There is a link on the menu for a Forum. When you go to that page it talks about their active forum where all their customers discuss strategy and such, and brag that they have "2,000 members and counting." But you cannot see anything until you register, and after you register you still cannot see anything until you activate your account and click on some magic combination of links that finally brings up the topics. You are not allowed to post, all the topics have 0 replies, and there is nothing recent.

The reason for this, of course, is that if they allowed posting in the forum there would be posts from disgruntled customers about the out-of-date, malfunctioning software that nobody can win with because no winning profiles exist for it. This is an OPI bot, which means that you also need to drop $200 on Online Holdem Inspector besides the $120 for the bot. And after spending that $320 you will need to try and create a profile that can at least break even. You can forget about playing No Limit, because Online Holdem Inspector does not know the bet size of your opponents or even your own stack size (two critical components for being able to play No Limit reasonably well).

In fact OPI doesn't even know how many opponents are still in the pot with you on the post-flop betting rounds, or what your relative position is to the dealer button. So what you are left with is pretty much hand strength alone plus the betting action on the current round. That just isn't enough to beat the game. So for $320 you have a product that you will struggle with to try and make a break-even profile for micro-stakes fixed limit games, get questionable support from the software provider, and have no forum where you can get help from other software users. No thanks.

It is also noteworthy that the owners of this website also appear to own two other poker bot sales web pages that are ranked high in the search engines, which also appear to be complete garbage, Pokerbot-software and Smart Poker Bot. So they are competitors with themselves in this space. Which would seem to indicate that they are more interested in making sales to people who want to believe in a genie in a magic lamp, rather than provide good software with good support. Either that or a classic case of being a jack of all trades and master of none.





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