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Warning: Whoever owns this site also appears to own two other highly ranked poker bot sales websites, which is really odd. They are: Pokerbot-online and Smart Poker Bot. Now why would any software seller want to be competitors with themselves, and not even mention their other products on any of their sales pages? The answer is pure internet marketing, wanting to dominate a niche and make lots of sales rather than actually sell anything decent. They probably purchased these failing businesses from the original creators and got them boosted in the search engines by doing some SEO work on the web pages. Unfortunately that does not mean the products are any good.

This particular product appears to work with Poker Calculator Pro, an online poker odds calculator program similar to Online Holdem Inspector (otherwise knows as OPI). However Poker Calculator Pro has even less variables available than OPI does for creating profiles. Making a bot based on this odds calculator program is going to be a sure loser. The truth is that OPI is better than any of the other odds calculator programs that bots have been based on, including Texas Calculatem. It has been around longer, has been updated more, has better support, and gathers more information from the poker table that you can use to make decisions from. None of these other odds calculator programs measure up as far as poker bot profile creation potential goes. But even OPI doesn't have enough variables to make anything more than a break-even profile at the micro-stakes fixed limit tables.

The website for this pokerbot-software product is a real mess and very confusing. On the home page and the download page it explains that this is an OPI bot, using Online Poker Inspector. However when you go to the screenshot page it shows screenshots that are "receiving from PCP" (Poker Calculator Pro), and on the support page it also indicates that PCP is required to feed the bot it's decisions. So you got half the website saying it is an OPI bot and the other half saying it is a PCP bot. So which is it? The price difference between those two products is huge, $49 versus $199 - and in fact you can get PCP free if you are willing to signup at a poker site through their affiliate link and deposit and play a little bit.

Then there is the price of the bot itself. On their FAQ page they say the price is 49 Euro but on the purchase page it is 79 Euro. That is about the most unprofessional sales website for a piece of software that we have ever seen. What you get after you buy it is anybody's guess, but we do notice that it states all over the site that the last update was in June of 2010, over 6 months ago. In the software world that spells obsolete, so it is doubtful that it even works with most of the claimed supported poker rooms if they update it that infrequently.

So thats about $100 for the bot and then either $200 more for OPI or $50 more for CPC, depending on which of those programs it actually uses. Now that we think about it, since this seller is the same person that sells Pokerbot-online, it is probably the same exact product just packaged and priced differently. We noticed that they added two new poker rooms, Cake and Sportsbook, at the same time as their other bot. So our guess is that they purchased this website from another bot seller and they are just using it as an additional website to sell their same OPI bot from, at a lower price. And they were extremely lazy about changing the website to reflect the actual product they are now selling from it.

If you choose to do business with that type of person, we wish you lots of luck because you are going to need it. This product has no support forum, and we would wager that they have no real support either. It really reeks of scam to be honest. For less than half the price of this bot + OPI you can own the Shanky Technologies Holdem Bot, which now includes one of the best No Limit Holdem cash game profiles that is ever likely to be created. If you insist on getting an OPI bot, we would highly recommend looking elsewhere.





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