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So, you want to download a working Poker Bot?


Any decent product should have some way to try it out before purchasing. This can be in the form of a (trustworthy) refund policy, or a free trial period of some sort. You need to be able to verify that the program really works, and should get some feel for the quality of it's play. If it's a bot that uses programmable third-party software as a decision engine, you need to own that software as well, which should also come with some form of a trial or refund period.


Pay attention to the path that you download the new programs to. A bot may require to be placed in a certain place on your computer, so read the installation instructions. When purchasing a license for a product which came with a free trial period, the license may need to be placed in a certain location as well. It really is a good idea to read directions when installing and using new software.


These types of programs will require ongoing support in the form of upgrades. Why? Because poker rooms upgrade their software frequently, and when they do bots will often stop working. It's up to the programmer to come up with the fix when this happens. Now don't blame the bot seller as this cannot be helped. A good product will come with ongoing support and free upgrades after your purchase. When a bot stops working because of a poker room upgrade, a new version should be available for download within a reasonably fast period of time, such as a few days.


Some bot sellers send the upgrades via email, which is great. But it's better if they have a download page on their site with the latest version posted, and/or a support forum that announces the upgrades. That way as soon as you see the bot stops working you can just go to a web page to find out what's happening as opposed to waiting for an email.


Here are the download locations for the Shanky Technologies poker bots (our favorite), all of which have a 200-hand free trial period:


Holdem Bot download:


Omaha-Hi Bot download:


Omaha/8 Bot download:






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