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The "Pokerbot Pro" Scam



Avoid this Scam


Let us save you the two hundred bucks: Build your own poker bot. There, that's what you get. Not exactly what the sales page is advertising is it? To their credit, they were the first poker bot product that hit the internet. And back in the beginning, they actually honored refund requests. But because pretty much 100% of their customers requested one, they stopped doing that.


I had a conversation with the operator of Poker Bot Pro shortly after he went live. In his view, running an internet business was all about putting up a good sales page and getting the customer to make the spend. Delivering a good product didn't even figure into the equation. In other words, lie and say whatever you can to get people's money. I have no reason to believe he has ever changed that attitude (most people who operate with that mindset never do). is a total fraud from start to finish. For your $199 you receive instructions informing you that pokerbots can indeed be programmed to work, and therefore you can program one if you learn how - we're serious, that's what you get, that's Poker Bot Pro. They throw in a few lines of example code, as if you can somehow learn how to program code from just that. They also give you a "working" (we use the term loosely) example of a coded script which supposedly will run at Party Poker (no longer allowing US players). But if you run that script on Party Poker, they will detect it instantly and freeze your player account.


It's a good idea to avoid scams by making it a habit to do a little footwork before purchasing any kind of software, especially something as shady as a pokerbot. Scam websites usually have an entirely different look and feel than legitimate ones. Don't be reeled in by a scam by letting your greed get out of control. Do some searches for the product you are considering with the words "scam" and see if there are any results.


Note: It's been some time since we had any dealings with this operator so the details of his product may have changed - but they probably haven't changed much.







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