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Poker Bot Scam Warning

There are at least a dozen poker bot scams being hustled on the internet. New ones are likely to keep popping up as well. The reason, of course, is because some people want to believe in magic money printing machine with an on switch. As long as people keep believing in this, there will continue to be scam artists to take their money.

There are some good poker bots available as well. Good solid pieces of software that read all the data available from the poker games, click the correct buttons, and do what the user wants them to do in 99% of all situations. They are highly user-configurable. One of them even comes with a professional-level profile for small stakes No Limit cash games.

So how do you tell the difference? It boils down to the level of user-configurability. If it is something that you cannot configure to play exactly how you want in all possible poker situations, it is a useless piece of junk. Trust us on this – if you get one that is supposed to just plug and play and win for you, we can 100% guarantee that you will not use it more than a week before giving up on it.

There is one popular scam that claims the bot “learns” as it plays and keeps getting better. That is of course impossible for a piece of software. They can only click buttons based on a preset criteria. Another popular scam claims you can easily make the bot play any way you want, but then after you buy it they tell you to learn several programming languages so you can invent your own bot – and they throw in a losing piece of garbage bot that cannot be configured at all.

Rather than list all the known scams here, we will tell you what the legitimate products are, since there are only three types:

1. Open Holdem (and Win Holdem, which is basically the same thing but costs money whereas Open Holdem is free). These are empty platforms for skilled programmers. You need to be welled-versed in at least a couple programming languages and it will take you months of work programming the playing instructions to create a profile.

2. OPI-based bots. There are quite a few of these for sale. They are button pushing programs that play from the signals given from Online Poker Inspector, a third party software that you must also purchase. To it’s credit, OPI has a nice graphical interface for the user to create profiles from. However it is poorly lacking in variables and you can’t make a profile that will break even at anything other than the very lowest fixed limit games (OPI bots cannot play No Limit). Most of these bots do not come with a starting profile.

3. Shanky Technologies Poker Bots. These are by far the best solution available on the market right now. They come with a strong No Limit cash game profile, and provide many excellent free profiles for different game types in their support forum (that the members as well as the staff have provided). Profiles are created using a special programming language known as PPL, which is very easy to learn for any experienced poker player and therefore programming experience is not needed. You can play any game type including tournaments, SNG’s, Rush Poker at Full Tilt, even Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo.

One sure way to sniff out a scam is by investigating customer support first. Any poker bot seller should have an active support forum, and they should allow you to join it and read around in it before you make a buying decision. If they won’t allow that you can bet they have something to hide. If they allow you to join and the place looks dead, or you don’t see a lot of support questions being handled by the staff on a daily basis, run away as fast as you can. You can bet that the first time your poker room has a software upgrade which hangs the bot up, you will be left hanging as well.

Finally, a good poker bot software will have other optional third party applications being developed by it’s users. This includes “table hoppers” that can change tables for you automatically, or register for SNG’s for you, or even sniff out good games for you and join them without needing you to be around to do anything. You want to be on the cutting edge of technology development when you get into this hobby.

Scam warning: There is a scammer who is good at getting websites ranked that is selling at least four (yes four) different poker bot programs, without disclosing this to any of their customers. They are all terrible programs and the main scam seems to be to get you to keep buying more of their software when you get fed up with losing. A simple search of the domains in question at Yahoo Site Explorer reveals that the same person owns them all. For more details see our reviews for Pokerbot-online, Pokerbot-software, Smart Poker Bot, and Advanced Poker Bot.




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