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Pokerbot Strategies



Pokerbot Strategies


Before you go and get yourself a pokerbot, you should consider what it is you are trying to accomplish. Do you just want a cool toy, or do you really want a money-making machine that grinds out profits for you all day (or all night) long? If it's the latter, you should understand how those profits will be earned and set yourself up correctly in advance.


For some people this means having a dedicated PC for the job. Nowadays you can pick up great computers extremely cheap from eBay or refurb shops and hook them up to a KVM switchbox so that you can run multiple computer boxes from one monitor, keyboard, and mouse. This is a great way to run your pokerbot! To see some killer deals for extra PC's selling on eBay right now click here.


Another popular option if you have a modern i5 or i7 class PC is to use a virtual machine, usually referred to as a VM. You can download good free VM's from the internet, which basically create an entirely different PC within your PC. That way the bot can play at the same time that you are working on the main machine, and you can switch over to the VM and check in on it as often as you like. You will need to assign at least 1 gig of ram to the VM, however, and in fact 2 gigs is recommended for poker-botting.


There are various strategies that poker bot users employ to make profits. Here are the more popular:


Bonus Hunting


While most poker rooms offer decent signup bonuses, certain ones offer generous ongoing bonuses. Two good example would be 888 Poker and the iPoker Network. As a matter of fact the iOPoker network is full of bots at the micro and low-limit tables, some of which are grinding out decent monthly profits. If you want to join in on the action, the best plan is to get yourself the Shanky Technologies Bot which destroys those OPI bots on there (the Shanky bot actually takes previous round betting action into it's decisions, compares bet size to pot size, and can make custom bet sizes in any increment).




This is another way that poker botters grind out steady monthly profits. The better rakeback deals pay upwards of 40%, and some rooms actually allow the rakeback in addition to a signup bonus being cleared. Using the Shanky bot at Cake, one can take advantage of a juicy 36% rakeback deal that will earn profits significantly higher than the deposit bonus, once it is cleared. At the iPoker rooms you can find under-the-table rakeback deals offered privately in poker forums as high as 57%. If you plan on doing some poker botting, the very first thing you should do is secure a rakeback deal. The best place on the internet to do this is:


Table Hopping


This is the best botting strategy of all, and it can be done with any reasonable-playing bot. The only problem is, it's not a pure botting strategy. You need to check in frequently and move the bot to the best table. So what you are doing is collecting Poker Tracker style data and using it to find the most profitable tables to play at. We have tried this extensively using the Shanky bot at Cake and the iPoker rooms and have had excellent results. It is a perfect strategy for using a dedicated PC via a KVM switch in the daytime.


In the Shanky support forum there is member-created add-on software being offered which will change tables for you, in addition to joining tournaments and SNG's for your bot.







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