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Smart Poker Bot

This is the third product apparently being sold by the same people that sell the products at and Notice that the domain is a very similar structure, If you go to Yahoo Site Explorer and search these domains you will see that they all have about the same number of back-links and they are all coming from the same places. In addition, the websites themselves are setup in a very similar manner with the same kind of graphics. There is no question in our minds that somebody who is good at getting websites ranked high in the search engines owns all three of these poker-bot selling businesses, in an attempt to dominate the niche.

We find this to be disturbing, quite frankly. I mean, it is pretty deceptive to sell all these products in competition against each other and not mention it to any of their customers. It's like saying, none of them are any good we just want to get your money as many times as possible. And after taking a closer look at all these products, that certainly seems to be the case. It is difficult to maintain support for one piece of software, let alone three that compete with each other.

Unlike the other two, Smart Poker Bot is a stand-alone product with a built-in decision engine. Unfortunately the user cannot configure how it plays. And the settings menu is really limited. You can tell it to play loose or tight, full ring or heads up. And that is about it. You have no way of knowing exactly what any of those settings means, and from what we can tell adjusting them doesn't seem to alter the bad play of this bot at all. Download the demo and play with it and you will see what we mean.

Obviously the bot was meant for fixed limit games. It cannot recognize bet sizes or read it's own stack size so don't even think about putting it in a NL game it will get killed. Actually it would be more accurate to say this bot was meant to take your money and then leave you hanging with a losing bot and no support. Hopefully you will get fed up and then buy one of the other two bots that this person is selling. So it really is a borderline scam.

We joined the support forum. It is the exact same story as the pokerbot-online support forum. I mean they look exactly the same and have the same procedure for joining. It is completely dead with most of the posts being from the admin and you are not allowed to make any posts as a new member. What a joke. Of course, if they actually had customers posting it would be all complaints - so that is why they don't allow it.

Interestingly enough, there is a thread from May of 2009 which promises the profiles will be able to be edited by the user within 40 days time. By my count it has been 570 days and that still is not possible. Which means they have no interest in supporting the product, just in selling it. Most likely the profiles are not editable because they simply don't have any kind of variables or programming structure that is capable of making good poker decisions.

It only works at three poker rooms. It is not user-configurable. It costs $150. there is no support. It cannot play No Limit. You cannot make it do what you want and cannot stop it from playing badly. The forum is dead and you cannot post there. Those facts comprise our official review. You gotta be nuts to buy this thing.

The single most important consideration in purchasing a poker bot is the structure that the profiles are built from, and how easily the user can access that structure to tweak their own profiles. Otherwise you are likely to get stuck with a useless piece of junk that you cannot do anything about. And it's almost a crime when the same person wants to sell you three of those.





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