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There are ten or twelve different popular online poker game types these days besides Texas Holdem. It seems like more are popping up all the time. If you havenít tried Triple Draw Lowball or Badugi yet, you donít know what you are missing. And then there are the mix game styles that the really good players excel at. (My favorite is the 8-game mix at Poker Stars.)

But letís face it: Holdem is still king, and consequently that is the game most people who start fooling around with poker bots are interested in. It enjoys the highest traffic and is the game that all new players nowadays first start playing. This is important, because a bot is usually only able to exploit the weaker players.

A good Texas Holdem Poker Bot will never make newbie mistakes. It wonít mis-calculate pot odds. It wonít click the wrong button, or get distracted by the television when holding a big hand and time out. These are things that human players do, especially the newer ones. Hopefully while you are out to dinner your bot is sitting in a juicy game taking advantage of all this. When you get home you just might find that the dinner was paid for while you were gone!

Other poker game types do make good prospects for a bot however. In Seven Card Stud the bot can remember the folded cards and make correct drawing decisions, something few humans can boast. Online Poker Inspector does make a version for Stud, which does remember folded up-cards. Interestingly enough, there are no bots for sale using this programís signals. We can only conclude that it must have some serious holes in it.

However there are Omaha bots on the market. Shanky Technologies sells them for both Omaha Hi-Lo and Omaha-Hi. From what we have seen they are pretty good. In fact there is an entire subculture of fans dedicated just to these two bots, who hang out at

But 95% of all botters are using a Texas Holdem Poker Bot. That is where the action is. That is where the newbies to poker are playing at the lower stakes. That is where the really large field MTTís are, with the big prize pools. So even if bots do come on the market for other game types, this is likely to remain your best bet for quite some time.

If you are interested in possibly getting into this hobby, start with Holdem. But do know the game first. Too many people who know nothing about poker purchase a bot thinking that it is some kind of free money-printing machine. It can be, that's for sure. If you know where and how to use it. But the most successful botters are also good poker players who look at this tool as a golf player looks at his pitching wedge. People looking for a magic money printing machine are usually not prepared for the swings in the game - which are another necessary tool, akin to a golf player's favorite driver.




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